Natus Vincere wins BLAST Premier: World Final

The last big CS:GO competition for 2021 is over, and once again Natus Vincere has emerged as a major tournament winner, walking away with the $500,000 grand prize and the title of world champions. The team had to go through a long journey to get to the grand finale, defeating archrivals Gambit Esports.

The match started on Mirage, where Gambit was leading the play easily by the end of the first half of the map, and then proceeded to win the second half, with a scoreline of 16-11. Na’Vi did try to catch but Gambit was too far ahead.

Na’Vi did rise up in the second map, Ancient, where it was their turn to lead the game against Gambit. The scores were exactly flipped in this round, with Na’Vi leading in both halves and in the end winning the match 16-11.  

In the last map, Inferno, Gambit seemed to have lost steam as Na’Vi demolished the team with a 7-point lead in the first half, and then cruised to the victory with a 5-point win in the second half, giving the win to Na’Vi 16-6.

BLAST Premier: World Final was played at BLAST’s Copenhagen-based studio in a LAN setting without a crowd. This event was the last CS:GO event of 2021, with a prize pool of $1,000,000S1mple was also awarded the MVP award for the tournament, his eighth MVP in 2021.



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