Mancala Gaming – Noche Oscura Slot Game Review

Mancala Gaming - Noche Oscura Slot Game Review

Noche Oscura Slot Game by Mancala Gaming

Noche Oscura means Dark Night of the Soul. While it may sound a little intimidating, it is actually a colorful and fun celebration held in Mexico. This festival honors all the dead with songs, music, and lots of food.

If you like Halloween-themed slot games, you might like this one.

Noche Oscura Slot Game Features

This slot game has the standard layout, which is 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines. This game features skeletons, calacas, and all things Mexican.

This slot game features a “Wild” symbol: a question mark that can replace any other symbol and increase your chances of winning. If you’ve hit upon a winning combination.

The “x2” symbol can appear on any of the reels. This symbol is your ticket to a bonus multiplication game, the aim of which is as follows. At the start of each round, you need to choose a card with a picture of the character you want to back, after which two cards duke it out. 

Your winnings will increase exponentially with each victory and the multiplier can potentially hit the maximum multiplier of x32. However, if the card you choose loses, this will spell the end of your bonus game. What’s more, you can collect your winnings at any time.  

Dead doesn’t always mean a bad thing, for some it’s a celebration. Are you ready to celebrate this important celebration?

Score: 8.5/10 

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