Mancala Gaming – Cherry Bombs Slot Game Review

Mancala Gaming Cherry Bombs Slot Game Review

Cherry Bombs Slot Game by Mancala Gaming

This online slot game is a classic bricks-and-mortar game layout but it’s not just another typical fruit machine slot. There is a three-level gameplay style.

If you like traditional slot games, but the enhanced version, you will definitely like this slot game as much as we like it!

Cherry Bombs Slot Game Features

Upon loading the game, you’ll come across a typical structure with 5 reels and 3 rows enclosed within a classic machine figure.

You will find fruit symbols such as blueberry, orange, grape, and watermelon symbols in a Cherry Bombs slot!

And the Cherry bomb symbols do not pay, but once they explode, they add to the level-up meter on the sides. The explosion is triggered by a Matchstick symbol, but only once aligned with the fuse of a Cherry Bomb.

Read More about Cherry Bombs Bonus Feature here.

Exploding Cherries and three exciting levels of different gameplay are wrapped and put inside a retro arcade machine!

Score: 9/10 

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