Mancala Gaming – Blood Romance Slot Game Review

Mancala gaming blood romance slot game review

Blood Romance Slot Game Review by Mancala Gaming

Vampires have been feared for centuries yet there are still some people who choose to join their ranks voluntarily. Do they take the irreversible step for money, or is it their lust for power? However, there is a very high price that you must pay to join their ranks.

This online slot game has dramatic, heavy metal music pulses and pounds in the background, only heightening the atmosphere of extreme tension. The background is set in the heart of a volcano, it features cascading waterfalls of magma, red hot coals, and even an imposing fire demon who stands imperiously at the side of the reels, occasionally swelling with excess lava.

Blood Romance Slot Game Features

The gameplay of this slot game is pretty straightforward! Play by 5 reels, 4 rows, and 25 paylines.

Among the symbols in this slot game, you will find objects such as a full moon, a skull, holy water, and a chalice full of blood.

The slot features a special “Wild” symbol that can replace any other symbol and complete a payline.

There is also a “Free games“ symbol, if you collect 3 or more of those symbols, you’ll qualify for the free spins. But how many, you might ask? Of course, the more symbols appear on the reels, the more free spins you’ll get.

And you should be also looking for a chest symbol because once it appears, you’ll be taken to a ‘no-lose’ bonus game! The aim of the game is simple: choose any of the five cards on offer and collect the prize shown (free spins or a cash prize).

Are you ready to meet the immortal vampires?

Score: 7.8/10 

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