Mancala Gaming – #BarsandBells Slot Game Review

Mancala gaming bars and bells slot game review

BarsandBells Slot Game by Mancala Gaming

Do you remember the Great Gatsby movie played by the famous actor, Leonardo DiCaprio? This online slot game theme is kinda similar to that. Polished symbols flickering on the reels and bright lights with the upbeat music pumping in your heart.

The well-known symbols will shine that much brighter thanks to their unique art-deco style, and the quick pacing of the game will keep you enthralled until the very last second when the reels settle into place and reveal your luck.

#BarsandBells Slot Game Features

This slot game is simple, it plays in 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 payline. Among the symbols on the reels, you will find a bar symbol, two bar symbol, a three-bar symbol, 7s, and a bell, all spinning against the stunning backdrop of high-end casinos and Hollywood lights.

The game features the prize multiplier for filling the entire field with the same symbol. When this occurs, all winnings during this spin are multiplied by the corresponding value depending on the symbol type.

Are you ready to relive the best of an old-school casino with this iconic online slot game?

Score: 8/10 

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Now you’ve finished reading our provider review, do you feel tempted to try out the casino games from this software developer for yourself? If so, great! We offer slots demo right here, allowing you to play for free and discover for yourself what makes their titles so special.

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