Malaysia has reserved RM13 million for esports in 2023

Malaysia has reserved RM13 million for esports in 2023

Malaysia government has revealed a smaller budget for 2023 due to the economic slowdown.

So how much is reserved for Malaysia’s esports scene? According to the live report, it’s RM13 million. For film and creative arts, Malaysia’s budget for this will be RM50 million. 

The allocation for esports is part of the total RM332M which has been allocated for training and development of sports facilities. And the exact text of the speech is as follows;

  • RM145M to refurbish and upgrade existing sports-related facilities nationwide
  • RM154M for the development of the sports ecosystem
  • RM20M for the establishment and development of youths in drag racing; and
  • RM13M for the development of esports-related activities.

While it’s nice that there’s some money reserved for esports despite trying times, many are still wary about this.

There were some success stories like the recent victory of Malaysia’s all-female Dota 2 team in the Commonwealth Sports, there were also failures like the initial efforts to send Malaysian Overwatch players to the Overwatch World Cup 2019. So It will be interesting to see if the RM13 million for esports will actually see merit use or not.

Yoodo head Chow Tuck Mun said in a statement that the esports industry is booming and more people are getting involved in the ecosystem directly, creating multiple job opportunities. It’s becoming a career option for youths today and is fast gaining recognition worldwide. 

“And we are glad that esports has received an allocation in the recent Budget 2023 announcement, allowing us to continue developing the industry and propel Malaysia to continue its journey towards becoming an esports hub for the region”.

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