Macau Legend on Track to Complete Cape Verde Casino

Macau Legend

Macau-based casino resort developer and operator Macau Legend Development Ltd. said that it expects to complete the construction of a multimillion integrated resort in Cape Verde by the end of 2020.

First news of Macau Legend’s planned expansion into the island nation located off the coast of Northwest Africa emerged in 2015.

Back then, the company’s owner, businessman David Chow, signed several agreements with the Government of Cape Verde authorizing the development of the casino resort.

With an estimated overall investment of €250 million, Macau Legend’s project is the largest tourism development scheme in Cape Verde.

The complex will occupy a 152,700-square-meter area in the islet of Santa Maria in Praia, the capital of the island nation.

The first phase of the project, the one slated to be completed by the end of 2020, will feature a boutique casino, a 250-room hotel, a swimming pool, an array of food and beverage facilities, and retail space, among other amenities

CV Entertainment Co, a subsidiary of Macau Legend, has obtained a 25-year gaming license for the company’s integrated resort project at a cost of €1.2 million.

Macau Legend laid the first stone of its Cape Verde resort in February 2016. At a recent presentation, the company’s boss said that they were on track to complete the first phase in 2020.

The Portuguese-Chinese investor further revealed that they had already constructed a bridge that would connect Santa Maria and Gamboa Beach, with “some final landscaping work on the access road” still to be completed.

It has also received an exclusive ten-year license for the provision of online gaming and sports betting services.

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