Macau casinos to suffer from Hong Kong airport closures

hong kong

With the closure of Hong Kong International Airport on August 12 and 13, Hong Kong’s protests have reached a whole new level.

As protestors continue to make demands of the government, they’ve not only shut down the world’s entrance to their city, but they’ve started to impact neighboring Macau’s casino economy in a real way.

As reported by GGRAsia, brokerage Nomura has labeled the closure as a short-term impact to Macau’s casino sector.

The story is fairly simple. Many international tourists come to Macau through Hong Kong, preferring to fly and stay there to experience more sights, and then visiting Macau via ferry to gamble for a day or two. 

With the closure of Hong Kong’s airport happening so suddenly, many tourists will need to reschedule plans, and then make the decision of if they even want to go to Macau at all if they’re not going to Hong Kong.

Protestors have been sitting in at the aiport since August 12, forcing the airport to shut down when there was simply too many of them in the main terminal. 

They returned August 13, forcing the terminal to shut down and cancel all further flights for a second straight day. 

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