M88 user reports of Betting Fraud

Player reports of customer service at M88 stonewalling after incorrect bet settlement

User who has received incorrect bet results settlement while playing roulette on M88 site has submitted several screenshots shown as below, where the issue was largely unresolved.

Account suspension following provider’s remark

Activity abnormal yang mencurigakan telah dijumpai oleh Provider. Sebanyak yang ingin saysa membuat sesuatu until anda dalam perkara ini, naum keputusan adalah muktamad dan tidak boleh dibatalkan. Akaun anda telah digantung secara kekal dan tidal ada cara until membukanya semula.

>Suspicious abnormal activity has been detected by the Provider. As much as it makes sense to do something until you are in this matter, naum decision is final and irrevocable. Your account has been permanently suspended and there is no way to reopen it.

The player has contacted both the M88 support and the game provider support that relayed the player back to M88 site, and in the end received the same template of response.

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