Habanero – Jugglenaut Slots Game Review

Jugglenaut Slots

I’m the Jugglenaut, get rich!

Step right up! Enter the mysterious and hair-raising act of the Jugglenaut as he performs the death-defying juggle of the millennium! Go against the odds and win big on this slots game by Habanero. Available on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia – lala88.com!

Jugglenaut Slots Reel

Enter the Circus

The circus is a well-known classical place of entertainment for the public. It is commonly held in a massive tent, and will contain performances by many talented people. These performances can be simple and hilarious. With clowns and balls and slapstick humour, or they can be death-defying – from acrobatics, to knife tossing, to lion-taming, and of course – our titular juggling of normally dangerous objects. These performers put in countless hours practicing their arts, and can be quite a sight to behold.

Our star today is the Jugglenaut, and his act, as the name suggests, is juggling various seemingly dangerous items. The slots reels of the game are represented by the symbols of items he uses in his act – the axe, the spiked ball, the kettlebell wrapped in barbed wire, and the circular saw. The slots game is set in a circus-like theme, with the iconic circus blinds and backdrop, and the slightly unsettling but also mesmerising circus jingle.

Start Playing Jugglenaut Slot Game

The Jugglenaut himself represents the “Wild” symbol of the slots game! If you get him on your spins, he represents any of the other available symbols, and will help you out in juggling the available matches! Get more of him, and make matches more easily! Bring on the Jugglenaut!

Jugglenaut Slots Reel

Online Slots Bonus Feature

Be sure to also watch out for the Clown Scatter symbol! Whenever three or more of the clowns show up, you trigger the special feature of the Jugglenaut slots game! This special feature is a bit different from other games – when it is triggered, the sexy target girl first appears to award you with your multiplier level. This multiplier can be two, three, four or up to five times! After the sexy target girl is done with you, you’re next awarded a total of three to up to twenty five free games by the Jugglenaut himself!

During your free spins, the multiplier awarded by the sexy target girl applies! What’s more, you still stand a chance to trigger even more free games if you happen to hit more Clown Scatter symbols! Keep the money rolling in!

Be sure to take a chance whenever you make a win in Jugglenaut! Whenever you win a spin, you can gamble and double up your winnings! Simply hit the Gamble button that lights up, and you will be brought into the Beat the Dealer mini game!

Let the breathtaking performance of the great Jugglenaut consume you as you spin this slots  machine and win real life Malaysian Ringgit in cash. Don’t blink, or you might miss it! Head on over now and play at lala88.com!

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