Habanero – Indian Cash Catcher Slots Game Review

Indian Cash Catcher Slots

Head into the American wildlands and commune with mother nature.

Journey into the open frontier and discover the mysteries of the shamanic Indian tribes of the wild deserts. Hear the call of the spirits and enter a transcendent state of being as you spin the Indian Cash Catcher slots game by Habanero, available on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia – lala88.com!

Indian Cash Catcher Slots Reels

The Mystical Shamans of the Wild

The American Indians are the tribal native people of the American wildlands. They are known for their affinity with nature, and mysterious and captivating shamanic rituals involving campfires, mystical potions and ritualistic dances to bring about the forces of nature. They believe in communing with animals and living off the land. Their warriors are renowned for entering a trance and taking on animalistic qualities in battle, and are feared and respected throughout the land.

The Indian Cash Catcher captures this spirit well with the beautiful American deserts portrayed in its painted backdrop. Wooden theme representing their affinity with nature and their ability to construct their buildings through wood and rope. The special slots reel symbols take on the forms of images representative of their culture. The bison, the handmade axe, the hardy warrior, the wise chief, the sexy princess, the mystical totem, and their spiritual dreamcatcher.

Start Playing Indian Cash Catcher Online Slots

The magical dreamcatcher, or known as the Cash Catcher. In this game, it is the “Wild” symbol in the Indian Cash Catcher slots game. If you manage to collect five of the Wild symbols, your winning multiplies by 100x for the totem!

Indian Cash Catcher Slots Reels

Online Slots Bonus Feature

If you manage to get three or more of these Totem Scatter symbols on your spins in the game, you immediately trigger the special feature! During the free games, any Wild symbols that appear will give five times (5x) your winnings!

Can you hear the winds speaking to you and bringing in the luck? Whenever you make a win on the slot game, you get the chance to Gamble! Click on the Gamble button that lights up and you will be brought into the Beat the Dealer mini game.

Channel your spirit animal and join in on the rain dances. Discover the secrets of the flora and fauna hidden to normal people with the American Indians. Those who hold secrets to catching some cash in Malaysian Ringgit – play and win today at lala88.com!

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