How to Bypass Blocks on Gaming Sites


Governments all around the world block what they would deem undesirable, this could range from Gambling, Porn, Religious to a whole myriad of other sites. Sometimes this blocking is done on the gateway or firewall level but more often than not it is done on the DNS (Domain Name Service) level.

Why is it done this way?

Well for most of us, it is easier to remember a name such as instead of an IP address e.g. A DNS server translates those letters into IP address and the rest is done transparently. To those slightly inquisitive, you would try noting down a few IP addresses of sites you visit regularly. But most of the sites today have a reference back to their name and this method wouldn’t bring you very far. ->

Our web browsing speed is not just affected by the web server itself but more often than not it is the DNS Server. Since most ISPs filter sites using DNS, there are too many records and requests going to it. By simply changing to a faster DNS server, you may find that your web browsing experience improves by leaps and bounds.

Forget the VPN, forget the proxy servers – try changing your DNS.

Lets do a little demonstration for you, before I change my DNS settings (just using the default from the ISP). This is what I get when I click on a link to a blocked site.


But once I change the DNS settings (not using a VPN service), look at what I am able to do.


So what they are doing is something which is called DNS filtering. The cost of this is it makes the internet slower even for those who are not planning to circumvent the controls in place. So if you want faster internet, my suggestion to you is to look for alternative 3rd parties who provide such services. There are several, some free and others paid.

How to?

Just replace your DNS server settings with the following: –

  • For IPv4: and
  • For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001

Disclaimer: Although this might work with 90% of the sites, it will not work if the blocking is not done at the DNS. In those cases, you would still need VPNs. In future, we will delve into those topics individually.

For more details for other platforms, Click Here.

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