How to Win at Online Poker: Our Top Tips

How to Win at Online Poker - Our Top Tips

Enjoy playing online poker in Malaysia and are keen to excel in the different variations of the game like online Texas Hold’em Poker and 3-Card Poker? If so, read on because here are five top tips that may help you play better and win more!

1. Familiarise yourself with online poker 

As with any game, you must start by familiarising yourself with the rules, strategies, and winning formulas.  Especially for those who are new to online poker games, they must be mindful of the differences between playing online and live poker in casinos and adjust their playing style accordingly. For example, online poker in Malaysian casinos is a lot faster than a live game, which means players react much faster. As such, there is really no better way to get ahead of the competition than knowing fully well how the online game works, the features, rake-back offers, and other bonuses before placing a bet on the table. Furthermore, when you know the online poker games inside out, you can better anticipate how the game would unfold so you can ‘call’, ‘raise’, or ‘fold’ to your advantage. 

2. Start with low-stakes poker 

Whether you’re an expert in playing online Texas Hold’em poker or a novice who is starting out with the Five-Card Draw, always begin with lower-stakes variations. Especially if you are new to the online poker software and still trying to get familiar with the system, starting with low-stakes poker can help you experiment with different games while finding the right strategies for yourself. Also, because the pace of online poker is a lot faster than live games in casinos when you play with smaller stakes online, you can better manage your bankroll and play for more sessions. That way, you’re more likely to pocket some winnings along the way too. 

3. Stick to playing a single table first 

While it is possible to join multiple poker tables when playing online poker games, it is still a safer bet to play a single table first until you are experienced enough. Multitasking often takes a serious toll on productivity and most of us lack the ability to perform well when our attention is divided between different directions. So, before you attempt to win big by hopping from table to table, focus on winning at online poker games on one table first. When you are more confident, gradually add extra tables at a pace you can manage. 

4. Create a distraction-free & comfortable area for playing 

Anyone can play online poker games as long as they have a laptop or mobile device. They’ll usually play from the comfort of their homes or from their couch despite constant distractions coming from the television, incoming text messages, or even the temptation to surf the web while they’re halfway through the poker game. If you’re in the habit of doing so, please stop. A sloppy attitude can only produce sloppy results. Unless you don’t mind losing rounds after rounds, creating a distraction-free corner with proper tech and furniture setup is the best way to optimise your games. Make sure to get a decent size monitor too. While playing from your mobile phone is convenient, you are unlikely to beat your opponents if you can’t see the cards clearly. 

5. Leverage software functionality 

To take your poker mastery up a notch, why not leverage poker-specific software tools? These tools are excellent helpers to take note of your opponents during play or even colour-code them according to their strength. There is even software that can analyse players and identify your mistakes so that you’ll be mindful not to commit them again.  Importantly, there are many free tools available online and on online poker games sites in Malaysia.  If you don’t mind paying, software such as PokerTracker 4, The Upswing Poker Lab and Daniel Negreanu MasterClass are readily available online. You just need to find one to complement your gaming objective and turn your weaknesses around.

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