How To Play Blackjack Online Like A Pro: Our Top 6 Tips

How To Play Blackjack Online Like A Pro: Our Top 6 Tips

Love to play online blackjack in Malaysia?  It’s not surprising if you do because blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games that offer players a reasonable chance of winning.  If you’re keen to learn more about blackjack online and know how to thrive at every game, here are six important tips that’ll help you play better:

1. Know the rules 

Before you can beat any casino game, you must first know the rules, especially if the blackjack online you’re going to play differs from others you’ve tried before.  Don’t assume that they are all the same because any unchecked rules might affect your winnings and how you can play for bonuses.  Furthermore, learning the rules can help you anticipate how the game would unfold so that you can adopt an appropriate strategy that offers you even a higher chance of winning.   

2. Have a strategy in place 

Online blackjack in Malaysia is based on mathematical probability, not luck.  Even if your luck streak has won you a few games, don’t bank on it because it is not sustainable in the long run.  Essentially, blackjack online is based on a set of mathematical assumptions, stating the best decision in any given situation.  By sticking to the rules, you’ll improve your chance of winning.

If you are a new player, go slow and take a conservative approach until you master the rules and strategies.  Once you have them on your fingertips, you’ll have an easier time playing and winning.

3. Look for the best-paying games 

Before betting your hard-earned money, make sure to play only the best-paying blackjack online games.  Do this by first understanding the house edge and odds because they’ll give you an indication of how much the casino pays out to players. 

Always look out for how many decks are used in the game because the more decks used means the house edge is higher.  For the same reason, the best odds are from single-deck blackjack games but they are relatively hard to find. 

Some other rules you can look out for to improve your odds include:

  • Dealer stands on a soft 17
  • Blackjack pays 2:1 (3:2 is the standard)
  • Allows early surrender and late surrender
  • Double down allowed anytime
  • Allow double after split
  • Hit after splitting aces
  • Resplit aces

4. Take advantage of bonuses 

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to earn bonuses while playing online blackjack in Malaysia because you can earn extra money through them.  Usually, the bonuses are separated from the regular loyalty rewards and may require you to make a deposit to begin earning a blackjack bonus.  The online casino will then match your deposit up to a certain percentage.

Some casinos might impose stricter rules for cashing out bonuses such as a 60x to 100x rollover.  This means if there is a 60x rollover requirement, you’ll need to stake your bonus amount by 60 times before any bonus funds can be cashed out.

5. Set a budget 

Setting a budget is the best way to ensure you’ll not get carried away.  Alternatively, impose a loss or win limit before you start playing, this way, you’ll exercise financial prudence and not let your emotions drive you to chase after losses or over bet when you’re on a winning streak. 

Bankroll management is one of the toughest constraints for players, so make sure to be responsible and don’t get hooked into playing more than you can afford!

6. Practise

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. You can master anything as long as you spend time learning and developing the skill. Playing online blackjack in Malaysia is the same. Don’t rush into betting real dollars, consider practicing with free games to perfect your strategy before giving it a real bet. 

As a word of caution, don’t be focused on making a fortune at any online casino; instead, playing for fun should be your priority. For more gaming guides and reliable reviews on online casinos in Malaysia, please visit GamingSafe.

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