How Can Teams Qualify for FIFA World Cup 2022?

From South Africa to Asia to Europe and America, How Can Teams Ascend the Ladder to Become One of the Exclusive 32 Teams to Reach FIFA 2022?

There are 210 total teams across the world competing in FIFA 2022. For more recap on how many teams can qualify for FIFA World Cup and the confederations involved, visit our previous post to find out more.

Depending on which part of the world a team is from, they will have to compete form their region’s confederation. One amongst CAF (Africa), AFC (Asia), UEFA (Europe), CONCACAF (North and Central America and Caribbean), OFC (Oceania), and CONMEBOL (South America).

Considering how each confederation have different number of determined slots for qualification, it is no surprise that each confederation has different formats. We will now take a look at each confederation’s format overview to find out how each confederation will be seeding their best teams to compete at FIFA.

  • UEFA Qualifiers: 55 Participating Teams
  • CAF Qualifiers: 54 Participating Teams
  • AFC Qualifiers: 46 Participating Teams
  • CONCACAF Qualifiers: 34 Participating Teams
  • CONMEBOL Qualifiers: 10 Participating Teams
  • OFC Qualifiers: 9 Participating Teams

For all confederations, the qualifier matches has started as early as late 2020 as they progress over several rounds. The final matches for all confederations will take place in between the 24th to the 29th of March where all teams contending in FIFA World Cup 2022 will at last be decided.

In the following posts, we will go over the separate confederations and layout the current stages as well as the teams that will stand a chance to qualify for the greatest football event of the year.

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