HellRaisers officially swaps player Nix with young G in their Dota 2 roster

Alexander “Nix” Levin has been at the core of every HellRaisers’ Dota 2 lineup since September 2019. But as the team continues competing in the CIS’s lower division regional league for the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit, the team is making a major change. 

From here on, Nix will only play a fixed amount of matches and will then be listed for transfer as Nikita “young G” Bochkof rom Natus Vincere’s inactive roster joins the team as a stand-in. 

The motivation behind this decision was that the team realized they had two in-game leaders. This information is relayed by the CEO of the team, Oleksii Slabukhin also simply known as “Magician” as an in-game alias.

“After the loss in the Decider Tournament, we decided to keep the squad, because according to the rules of Valve, you can not make substitutions during the season,” Magician said. “As soon as we assembled the lineup, everything went well. However, misunderstandings soon began to arise due to the fact that the team actually had two leaders – Nix and Resolut1on.”

Due to Valve’s updated policy on roster changes for the DPC this year, Nix will appear in a maximum of three out of seven matches that HellRaisers play in while in the lower division this season. This will keep the team from being penalized while also allowing Nix to explore options by transferring to a new roster. 

Young G was active for HellRaisers in the opening game of the regional league, where he helped the team take down the new VP.Prodigy roster to earn their first win.

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