GTA VI is finally confirmed, but what can we expect from Rockstar Games until it arrives?

Grand Theft Auto VI is finally confirmed to be in active development.

Rockstar Games is not known for its communication skills, especially when it comes to its large fan base. So when it released its “Grand Theft Auto Community Update” post on its newswire website, many were quick to notice that Rockstar confirmed what we all knew all along: a new GTA game is on its way. After years of having to deal with unconfirmed leaks and rumours from various sources, the news is officially confirmed from the horse’s mouth. Of course, in typical Rockstar fashion, there was very little to go on about the message aside from this one line:

But why is the announcement of GTA VI such big news? For the most part, it’s because this is the longest turnaround time Rockstar has taken in-between GTA titles. The cult classic has been around since 1997, spanning 16 titles as well as awards and accolades galore along the way. And with GTA VI finally confirmed, it’s anyone’s guess at this point on what we can expect with Rockstar’s next big AAA release. As next year will be a full decade since GTA V’s release, I wouldn’t put it past Rockstar to make a big spectacle via a special announcement regarding GTA VI.

Rockstar is notorious for having horrible communication skills with its community, preferring to remain silent until they have something concrete to talk about. With speculations now rife since the announcement, here are a few things that we want to see with GTA VI and some others that we don’t.

Empty Buildings Galore – DON’T WANT

While Rockstar did create an amazing open world with Los Santos, oftentimes you’ll find that many of its buildings don’t serve any purpose aside from aesthetics. This does differ between the story and online parts of GTA V with certain buildings playing a role in the story mode while it doesn’t have much use online. Sure, it makes for a terrific skyline but other than that, many of its buildings remain inhabited unless for a specific mission.

There also wasn’t much to do in terms of free mode activities. Sure, you could play darts, golf, tennis, and skydive, but there was potential for so much more to be done. Activities like skateboarding, pool or snooker, and surfing are just some of the things that GTA V could have offered but didn’t. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more open-world activities available with GTA VI, provided they have the perfect game engine for it.

A Better Online Experience – WANT

Online multiplayer gameplay has been a staple of the series since GTA IV, which served as a stepping stone for what GTA Online is now. Released alongside GTA V, the online segment has been the key driving force in what GTA is known for today. Over the past nine years, Rockstar has poured every ounce of its resources into the online title, which encompasses 40 updates thus far with the latest being the Contract update featuring Dr Dre.

Of course, one will have to take the good with the bad, for which there are many in GTA Online. From various modded hacks PC players have to endure as well as plain and oppressive griefing everyday players go through when they jump online are just some of the concerns fans have talked about for years but with no actual response from Rockstar. If the devs could incorporate better long-term solutions into GTA VI that will deter others from ruining the online experience for new players, that would be the start to something great.


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