GLOW Retires from Valorant

GLOW Retires from Valorant

Former CS:GO pro player and captain of Vision Strikers’ Valorant team Kim “glow” Min-soo has announced he is retiring from professional Valorant play on Monday, May 17.

The decision comes after his side failed to qualify for the Valorant Champions Tour – Masters Reykjavík.

The 33-year-old Korean is a known figure in the Asian esports scene. He had begun his esports career in 2008 when he joined a CS 1.6 team Lunatic-hai.

With the Korean side, Glow has finished runner-up at WEG e-Stars 2008 and IEM III Asian Championship Finals before moving to WeMade FOX and Project KR. He continued competing in CS 1.6 before transitioning to CS:GO in June 2016 with MVP PK.

After retiring from CS:GO, former MVP PK players teamed up under Vision Strikers. The team would end up at the top of Korea’s domestic Valorant scene.

Vision Strikers did not need long to establish themselves as the force to be reckoned with in the Asian Valorant scene. They set an unprecedented record of 104 wins, four draws, and only two losses.

Despite their immaculate success, Vision Strikers failed where it mattered the most. They lost against NUTRUN Gaming (0-2) in the VCT Korea Stage 2 Challengers semi-finals and got denied a ticket for the game’s first international event – VST Masters Reykjavík.

After failing to secure a spot for the Reykjavík Masters event, Glow decided to end his Valorant career. He explained his decision in an announcement video posted on YouTube.

As an in-game leader of Vision Strikers’ Glow was a crucial member of the team. However, as noted by the Korean esports pro, he wasn’t satisfied with his performances.

Glow routinely posted the worst marks in the team. Although that’s nothing unusual for IGLs, Glow felt like he was holding his squad back.

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