Genting Group bid for the Macau gaming concession

Genting Group bid for the Macau gaming concession

The company that is linked to Genting Group Chairman and CEO Lim Kok Thay has been revealed as a surprise seventh bidder for a Macau gaming concession.

Before the Macao SAR Government close, the submission period for bids, a company called GMM submitted a bid to the committee and presented by Mrs. Chen.

Two large boxes containing the original and copy of the tender documents were prepared by GMM and accompanied by three people, including Mr. Bruno Nunes, a well-known lawyer from Macau.

Mrs. Chen confirmed that GMM is associated with Genting Malaysia and the person in charge is Lim Kok Thay.

She said that Mr. Lim Kok Thay wanted to come to Macau to submit Genting’s bid, but he couldn’t come due to the pandemic.

The addition of GMM means there are a total of seven bids for a maximum of six concessions to be granted under Macau’s re-tender process, with all six current concessionaires having also submitted their bids before the bidding period ended at 5.45 pm on Wednesday.

Genting’s bid for a Macau concession comes as somewhat of a surprise with most industry experts have predicted that only the existing six concessionaires would take part in the re-tender given the prevailing pandemic situation and shorter 10-year concession – just half the original 20-year concessions granted back in 2022.


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