Gambling Addiction

Dealing with Gambling Addiction in UK

In order to fully grasp the seriousness of the issue, one needs to understand what problem gambling is in the first place. This was initially considered an impulse control disorder, similar to conditions like pyromania and kleptomania, where the individual displays certain types of compulsive behaviour for the purposes of relieving anxiety.

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Myths about gambling sponsorship

A 71% majority of fans believed gambling sponsorship within football was acceptable during the recent survey. Of these, 9% found gambling sponsorship acceptable in all circumstances, with 62% deeming it acceptable with responsible gambling safeguards in place.

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iOS: Watch where you CLICK!

Security researchers have illustrated a new app-in-the-middle attack that could allow a malicious app installed on your iOS device to steal sensitive information from other apps by exploiting certain implementations of Custom URL Scheme.

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