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Review BigPay Wallet & Card

Review: BigPay Wallet & Card

Everyone has their own waller app now, and even an airline has joined in the fun. BigPay is AirAsia’s free wallet app that comes with its own card, first launch in Malaysia in 2017.

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Payments: China the Global Leader

Alibaba and rival Tencent Holdings each boast about 1 billion users of their payment platforms, which account for 90% of total mobile transactions. They have spurred a shift away from cash and spawned countless businesses that rely on this new financial infrastructure.

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gambling payment gateways

Warning! Beware of Dodgy Payment Gateways

Ease of use has never been synonymous with safety/security, over the years we’ve witnessed many payment gateways with flashy websites come and go. Each promising speed, ease of use and safety – however, there is no assessment by an independent 3rd party.

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eeziepay payment gateway

Review: Eeziepay – its a SECRET!

Eeziepay provides a means for payment via our automated bank deposits to accept deposits and payments via all major banks – this is the claim that is found on the sparsely populated page. When you go through the site, there’s not much details to be found (just a lot of gibberish). Not a confidence booster for sure.

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