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Jeetwin Launches Bollywood themed Slot – Bollywood Diva

The launch of Bollywood Diva, the first ever celebrity featured Bollywood themed online slot game exclusive for India only, by JeetWin, India’s no. 1 online gaming casino, on 18th March 2019 has taken the gaming world by storm which provides its gamers with enthusiastic and adventurous gaming experience.

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Gambling: Betting on Millenials

For no other generation has the focus on entertainment and nightlife been more relevant than millennials. In a July 2016 study of Atlantic City casino tourists conducted by Stockton University, millennials (representing the youngest age group surveyed at 21-35) were shown to spend the smallest percentage of their travel budget, just 8.5 percent, on gambling activities. This figure came in barely over 1/3 of the percentage registered by millennials’ over-35 counterparts, at 23.5 percent.

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The Mobile Gambling Revolution

The unprecedented rise in the number of mobile device users has hit to 70% already. While the gambling users are expected to be around 684 million and online wagers to reach total $1 trillion by 2022.No doubt augmentation in mobile gambling is noticeable, however, it still remains poorly accepted worldwide due to the prohibition in regions like Asia, Africa, Russia, and Germany. Just a few years back a betting platform on handheld device seemed fairytale imagination but in today’s era, the concern is around fast-growing, sustainable and secure online gambling platforms.

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Poker Play Mindset Flaw - Gamingsafe

Poker Player #1 Mindset Flaw

A while back in preparation for my book Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Cash Games, I spent some time playing live $1/$2 no-limit hold’em. While I saw all sorts of interesting plays, today let’s discuss a particular mindset flaw that many of my opponents had. If I could teach them one thing, it would be to stop caring about losing money due in common, routine situations.

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million dollar cash game

Million Dollar Cash Game

Live at the Bike decided to raise the stakes again. The poker streaming site that usually shows $5/$5 and $10/$10 games is now putting together a star-studded line-up for a $100/$200/$400 cash game!

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j88power Taiwan

J88Poker Tour Taiwan

J88Poker Tour Taiwan is a poker tournament in Taipei, Taiwan.J88The J88Poker Tour Taiwan is once again calling for action from 29th March to 3rd April 2019. The Main Event boasts a guaranteed NT$5 million and will be held at Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP) in Taipei, Taiwan.

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