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Chaoji 888 Slot

Chaoji 888 Slot Game Review

The number 8 is a special number in Asia, especially in China, where the number is greatly championed by those desperate to maintain good fortunes. The reason for this? That is less clear, but nobody can deny that due to the shape of the 8, it forever continues onwards, never swaying or losing its sense of direction. It self-fulfils; maybe that’s why it’s the focus of the game here?

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Full Moon Fortunes Slot

Full Moon Fortunes Slot Game Review

Full Moon Fortunes is a fantastically gothic slot with five reels and 20 pay-lines. If horror movies aren’t your thing, this slot might not appeal to you. You may also likely be terrified, in a good way, by the huge amounts of cash you could potentially win in Full Moon Fortunes.

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Funky Monkey Slot

Funky Monkey Slot Game Review

Funky Monkey is the most basic style of slot game offering only one pay-line. With minimal distractions through flashing lights and cheesy gimmicks, there is something to be said for the simplicity of Funky Monkey. It provides players with something a little different.

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Archer Slot

Archer Slot Game Review

Romance of the Forest, Robin Hood fans will love this exciting new slot machine from Playtech. Themed on the famous Nottinghamshire outlaw, this game features all the ingredients to wow adventure game enthusiasts. From Robin himself standing proud in his trademark green outfit to the stout Friar Tuck and the magnificent Maid Marion, all the famous outlaw faces can be found here.

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Sherlock Mystery Slot

Sherlock Mystery Slot Game Review

Who doesn’t love Sherlock Holmes? Everyone knows the World’s Greatest Detective isn’t really Inspector Gadget. It’s Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and his good friend Dr Watson. If you somehow manage to land Dr Watson next to Sherlock Holmes then you get an instant bonus called the Sherlock Meets Watson bonus. Getting this scores you an instant payout of 3x your bet and it comes up surprisingly often. Sherlock Mystery is your typical 5-reel, 20 pay-line affair.

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Geisha Story Slot

Geisha Story Slot Game Review

Geisha Story played on 5-reel slot machine follows the love story between a beautiful Japanese Geisha and a heroic, handsome samurai. A whole host of game symbols which depict fans, umbrellas, teapots, banzai trees, cherry blossom and koi carp, will be instantly transported players straight into the beautiful environment of the game.

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Panther Moon Slot

Panther Moon Slot Game Review

The black panthers are a joy to behold. As is the beautiful moonlit landscape which provides a relaxing background to play slots against. You’ll always feel chilled-out as you spin this 5×3 reel grid that offer players the enjoyment of 9 pay-lines. There’s also some fun animations such as the panthers turning and roaring at you as they help you celebrate a win.

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Beach Life Slot

Beach Life Slot Game Review

Beach Life from Playtech features five reels and twenty pay-lines. So much you can smell the suntan lotion. Feel the sweet coldness of the smooth ice cream and the sun warming your skin. The most common icons belong to the Ice Cream category. All five of these delicious-looking sugary treats bring relatively modest payouts. You will find different flavours, ranging from tropical fruits to chocolate and strawberry.

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Bounty of the Beanstalk Slot

Bounty of the Beanstalk Slot Game Review

PlayTech have joined the giant vegetable party with the release of Bounty Of The Beanstalk. The slot game features five reels, four rows and up to fifty pay-lines with those reels separated by lengths of rope and framed in wood. Thеrе аrе fоur mаin symbols in the game, including – a wooden axe, the magic beans, Jack’s wife and a cow.

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Buffalo Blitz Slot

Buffalo Blitz Slot Game Review

Far away from the plains of Africa and the jungles of South America, this wildlife themed game presents punters with some of the magnificent creatures of the Taigas of North America and Russia. Buffalo Blitz video slot is different from the norm is the fact that it offers 6 reels instead of the customer 5 with 4096 pay-lines. The game takes players to colder climes to see some spectacular animal specimens, such as grizzly bears, wild moose, raccoons and lynx cats.

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