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Here you will find the latest and most popular releases from all of the big-name providers as well as the smaller, niche, and independent game providers that exist.

Candy Tower Slot

Candy Tower Slot Game Review

The slot has a range of bonus features including Free Spins and boosts. There are five different boosts that can be activated during the base game: wild symbols expansion, cash boost, roaming boost, and multiplier boost.

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Before Time Runs Out

Before Time Runs Out Slot Game Review

Habanero’s newest title is available now! Help the Prince battle the villainous Vizier and collect all 6 gems Before Time Runs Out! Only the true winner will rescue the Princess and bring home what is dear to his heart!

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Hey Sushi Slot

Hey Sushi Slot Game Review

Looking at the crab that acting as the 24hours Habanero restaurant’s chef, sitting on the left. Are you ready to taste some Japanese recipes from the Top Listed Popular Slot Game in September?

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Wizards Want War Slot

Wizards Want War Slot Review

Wizards Want War! is a five reel slot with three rows and twenty five fixed pay-lines; appropriately dramatic music accompanies your gameplay which takes place on an ornate and ancient stone structure.

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5 Lucky Lions Slot

5 Lucky Lions Slot Game

5 Lucky Lions slot game is played on a huge 6×4 board. It has exactly 88 pay-lines, which many Asians will consider good fortune. Up to 1,000x the line bet gets paid for each top-paying combo, or up to $50,000, while scatters offer $440,000 for just six symbols of the right type. Wilds, scatters and free spins with stacked lion symbols, will make up the full list of features available.

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Dr. Feelgood Slot

Dr. Feelgood Slot Game Review

Dr. Feelgood is a Habanero video slot game starring a charismatic doctor who looks more like a film star than a medical professional. Nevertheless, he and his staff are ready to mend broken bones, cure diseases and fill up your wallet altogether with a few special features that we cannot wait to introduce to you.

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Fortune Dogs Slot

Fortune Dogs Slot Game Review

Unlike most slot machines, Fortune Dogs doesn’t feature paylines nor does it pay like 1,024 ways slot machines do. Instead, the game pays only when you collect matching symbols adjacently in the same row.

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Gold Rush Slot

Gold Rush Slot Game Review

The theme of Gold Rush is stuck to pretty well with the use of cartoonish images. As the reels spin players see the symbols on screen that include nuggets, carts of gold, sticks of dynamite, pickaxes, barrels, lanterns, and pretty much all things gold mining related.

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Pirate's Plunder Slot

Pirate’s Plunder Slot Game Review

Pirate’s Plunder is an all-round great looking slot machine, as it really does a fantastic job of showcasing Habanero’s creative side. Featuring true bursts of colour, this alone helps to make it something brilliant from a visual standpoint. We all know that pirates sailed through the Caribbean, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Habanero did a great job of conveying this beauty and representing it well.

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