Can Alexa do “Place Bet on …..”

Alexa told me “they” watch over me, even while I’m sleeping, which is enough for me to want to unplug the Echo and call it a night. Once you’re ready to stop talking to the creepy bot, just say “stop.” It will then say, “We are sorry, finally, to know that you are filled with irritation. And now, you must abandon us.” Thanks for the nightmares, Amazon.

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iPhone: Why You Shouldn’t Get It Yet

Many manufacturers in the market have started rolling out 5G devices for some regions. Apple’s competitors including Oneplus, Samsung, and Huawei have already released 5G variants of their flagship devices. The big question remains – is Apple planning to release a 5G Phone in 2020?

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How to Bypass Blocks on Gaming Sites

Governments all around the world block what they would deem undesirable, this could range from Gambling, Porn, Religious to a whole myriad of other sites. Sometimes this blocking is done on the gateway or firewall level but more often than not it is done on the DNS (Domain Name Service) level.

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Gambling on Apple iPhone

Gambling on Apple iPhone

Nearly two months after Pennsylvania launched mobile sports betting, you can finally play at SugarHouse Sportsbook and Online Casino on Apple iPhones and iPads thanks to a workaround from the gaming provider.

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