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million dollar cash game

Million Dollar Cash Game

Live at the Bike decided to raise the stakes again. The poker streaming site that usually shows $5/$5 and $10/$10 games is now putting together a star-studded line-up for a $100/$200/$400 cash game!

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j88power Taiwan

J88Poker Tour Taiwan

J88Poker Tour Taiwan is a poker tournament in Taipei, Taiwan.J88The J88Poker Tour Taiwan is once again calling for action from 29th March to 3rd April 2019. The Main Event boasts a guaranteed NT$5 million and will be held at Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP) in Taipei, Taiwan.

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online gambling

Where is Online Gambling going in 2019?

The online gambling industry boasts of being a pioneer in adopting new technologies. Whether it is video gaming designs, marketing or payment systems, online casinos don’t shy away from embracing technology. So, what awaits of the industry in 2019?

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Playtech Owes Tax to Israel

Following a recent civil tax audit of Playtech in Israel, the online gambling tech company now has to pay a further $32m in taxes to the Israeli taxation authority.

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