Finding a trustable payment gateway

Reliability, trustability, efficiency, what are the hallmarks for a dependable payment gateway online?

If you operate any kind of online business in Malaysia, a payment gateway is essential since it can provide your customers with a secure way of making payments on your website.

It goes without saying that choosing a secure and reliable payment gateway is key to the success of your online business. Furthermore, this applies whether from the perspective of a vendor or a regular consumer.

A payment gateway is the mechanism that reads and transfers payment information from a customer to a merchant’s bank account. Its job is to capture the data, ensure funds are available and get a merchant paid. Online, a payment gateway is cloud-based software that connects a customer to the merchant.

In Malaysia, some of the more common payment gateways seen are Skrill, Neteller, Help2pay, and more. Below are some of the criteria to look for in choosing a dependable payment system for your services:


When it comes to the best payment gateway in Malaysia, fees are undoubtedly one of the most important considerations. Some gateways charge as much as 2.5% per transaction, it is advisable to find one which matches your needs while still helping to broaden your profit margin in a sensible manner.


It is apparent that security is the key feature of any payment gateway. Your payment gateway partner should have all security protocols in place and are compliant with local regulations.

Security is, needless to say, another very important aspect of any payment gateway. All safety protocols should be in place and all local applicable regulations should be in line with your payment gateway partner.


Most payment gateways supports most regional local banks, however, they are not all made equal. It is best to find a payment services that provides integrated support which is also secure for a large variety of local banks.


Efficiency and 24/7 availability is a deciding factor in choosing a reliable payment system. Most payment systems that are trustable should not only offer seamless transactions without needing additional verification, proper references should be provided as well with important data such as logged transaction time.

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