FIFA World Cup Referee Wants the Game to Shine

FIFA World Cup Referee Wants the Game to Shine

Female referee set to make history at FIFA World Cup 2022.

Yoshimi Yamashita is one of three women picked by FIFA to be referees at the men’s World Cup in Qatar, which opens on Nov. 21. It’s the first time a woman will be in charge of football’s grandest stage

Japanese referee Yoshimi Yamashita agrees with Pelé or whoever it was decades ago that first described football as the “beautiful game.”

She sees her job this way: Let the game shine, as it should.

“One of the big goals as a referee is to bring out the attractiveness of football,” she said in Tokyo in an interview with the Associated Press.

“I do my best for that, and I will do what I should at that time toward that end. So if I need to communicate with the players, I will do that. If I need to show a card, I will show a card. Rather than control, I’m thinking about what to do toward the big goal of bringing out the appeal of football.”

About Yoshimi Yamashita

Born 20 February 1986, she is an international football referee from Japan. She was an official at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France. She also refereed at the 2020 Summer Olympics, in the match between the United States and Sweden. In 2022 she was one of the three women referees selected to officiate at the men’s World Cup.


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