FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers – UEFA & CAF Confederation

The European and African Confederations – Here are the current standings of the World Cup Qualifiers of these branches

UEFA Confederation Qualifiers


The UEFA Qualifiers are split into two rounds, the first round consists of 55 teams competing with one another in ten separate groups. Five groups consists five teams while five groups consists six teams.

The victors of each group directly qualifies for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Meanwhile, the runner-ups along with the two best national league teams advances to the playoff stage. The national league results are shown in the table as follows, by process of elimination for the teams that has already earned direct qualification to the World Cup, the 6th and 7th place Austria and Czech Republic advances to the playoff stage of the UEFA Qualifiers.

National League RankingTeamQualification
1FranceAlready Qualified for World Cup (Group D Winner)
2SpainAlready Qualified for World Cup (Group B Winner)
3ItalyAlready Qualified for Second Round (Group C Runner-up)
4BelgiumAlready Qualified for World Cup (Group E Winner)
5WalesAlready Qualified for Second Round (Group E Runner-up)
7Czech Republic

The second round are split into three paths where four teams will play in tournament bracket format and the respective winners of each path will qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2022. The matches will be played between the 24th to 29th of March.

CAF Confederation Qualifiers

The CAF African league confederation qualifiers consisting of 54 teams are split into three rounds.

  • First Round – 28 teams (ranked 27–54) played home-and-away over two legs, 14 winners advances to the second round
  • Second Round – 40 teams are split into groups of ten to play home-and-away round-robin matches. The ten group winners advances to the final round
  • Third Round – The ten second round group winners play home-and-away over two legs. The five winners qualifies for the FIFA World Cup 2022

The third round matchups will be played in between the 24th to the 29th of March this year to conclude the CAF Qualifiers

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