FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifier – CONCACAF & OFC Confederation

The North American and Oceanic Confederations – Here are the current standings of the World Cup Qualifiers of these branches

CONCAF Confederation Qualifiers

The CONCACAF Confederation consists of 34 teams, where 4 teams in the end will gain direct qualification to the FIFA World Cup 2022 while one team will enter the inter-confederation playoff to play against the OFC Confederation member.

The qualifier is split into three rounds:

  • First Round – CONCACAF teams ranked 6 to 35 based on the FIFA Rankings are drawn into six groups to play single round-robin matches. One team from each group advances to the next round
  • Second Round – The six first round group winners play a home-and-away two-leg series where winners advance to the final round
  • Third Round – Eight teams compete in home-and-away round-robin matches. The top 4 qualifies for the World Cup and the 5th place enter the inter-confederation playoff

At the current stage, Canada has mathematically secured a World Cup spot with 25 points while Jamaica and Honduras has been eliminated. The remainder of matches will be played in between 24th to 29th of March

OFC Confederation Qualifiers

For the OFC Qualifiers, The group stage will then see eight teams (being the winner of the qualification stage match and the other seven nations) drawn into two groups of four, with each team playing each of their group opponents once (single round-robin, with three group matches for each team).

The winner and runner-up from each group qualify for a single leg semi-final match, with the two winners advancing to a single leg final match. The winner advances to the inter-confederation play-offs to play against the CONCACAF confederation member.

The remainder of the matches will be played from 24th to 29th of March.

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