FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Schedule Malaysia Time

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Schedule Malaysia Timezone

As the FIFA World Cup 2022 is coming closer, the level of excitement is getting real too. The official fixture of the matches has been announced. This is the 22nd edition of the tournament and will host 32 teams.

Let’s take a look at the group stage FIFA World Cup 2022.

Group A: Ecuador, Netherlands, Qatar, Senegal

Group B: Iran, Wales, USA, England

Group C: Saudi Arabia, England, Argentina, Mexico

Group D: France, Tunisia, Denmark, Australia

Group E: Costa Rica, Japan, Spain, Germany

Group F: Morocco, Belgium, Croatia, Canada

Group G: Serbia, Cameroon, Switzerland, Brazil

Group H: Ghana, South Korea, Uruguay, Portugal

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Schedule

We have adjusted the time mentioned on the chart according to the local time in Malaysia.

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