FIFA World Cup 2022 – Group A Preview

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group A Preview – Qatar, Senegal, Ecuador, Netherlands

In the group stage of FIFA World Cup 2022, teams compete within eight groups of four teams each.

The teams in the group stage will face off in a series of round-robin match so that each team in the group faces every other team once. The final score is tallied via traditional football scoring method and the top 2 teams in each group will advance to the knock-out ala playoff stage while the bottom 2 teams will be eliminated from further contention.

The group stage matches for Group X will take place between XX November 2022 to XX November 2022 in a series of 6 standalone games.

Team Preview: Qatar

  • Method of Qualification: Host country (Default Qualification)
  • Date of Qualification: 2 December 2010
  • Last Appearance in World Cup: First appearance at World Cup
  • Placement in last World Cup: No placement
  • FIFA World Rankings: 51st

Ever since being elected as the host country back in 2010, the nation has spent considerable resources to developing their team to put on a good showing in this year, which will be a culmination of their efforts.

However, luck would put them in a tough group stage with tough opponents, it remains to be seen whether Qatar’s attack-minded play style can triumph their opponents. One of their most recent accolade was their winning the 2019 Asian Cup over Japan.

Team Preview: Ecuador

  • Method of Qualification: CONMEBOL Round-robin fourth place
  • Date of Qualification: 24 March 2022
  • Last Appearance in World Cup: 2014
  • Placement in last World Cup: Eliminated in group stage
  • FIFA World Rankings: 46

Last year, Ecuador reached the knockout stage of the Copa America and was eliminated by Argentina who would go on to win the tournament. There is not much proper gauge for Ecuador outside of their CONMEBOL performances and their recent international friendly matches.

While Ecuador is largely considered a toss-up in this group seeding as it has a reputation as being a rough team to play against even if it’s not the clear-cut strongest in this group. It’s opening match against Qatar will certainly be a highlight of the tournament.

Team Preview: Senegal

  • Method of Qualification: CAF Third Round winner
  • Date of Qualification: 29 March 2022
  • Last Appearance in World Cup: 2018
  • Placement in last World Cup: Eliminated in group stage
  • FIFA World Rankings: 20

Senegal’s national team is coming off the high of being crowned the champion of 2021 Africa Cup of Nations. It’s match-up against Qatar will be an unofficial inter-confederation match-up between the African and the Asia Cup champions.

Expectation are high for this Senegal team as they are expected to make it to the knockout stage alongside Netherlands. However, they face fierce opponent in Qatar who has homeport advantage.

Team Preview: Netherlands

  • Method of Qualification: UEFA Group G winners
  • Date of Qualification: 16 November 2021
  • Last Appearance in World Cup: 2014
  • Placement in last World Cup: Eliminated by Argentina in semi-finals
  • FIFA World Rankings: 10

The wide consensus is that Netherlands is the strongest team in this pot. Netherlands is back in form and should top the group (While beating the runner-up from group B) 

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