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Collectively over $727 million has been dished out to professionals across all titles, but just how much have the top esports pros earned to-date?

Esports is more lucrative than ever, with players earning more in a single tournament than some of the most successful sports athletes earn in the most profitable sporting events.

Tournament prize money is directly reflecting the exponential growth and big-name investment that it has received of late, with the most recent Dota 2 tournament (The International 2019) offering a prize pool in excess of $34 million to its competitors. 

However, the take-home from esports events has not always been so fruitful, with smaller-scale events taking precedence during the developmental stages; meaning most esports organizations would have to make ‘high risk, high reward’ moves to put their players in a position to compete at these events. 

Developer participation in esports (such as the inclusion of franchised leagues) not only integrates esports directly into the title (which naturally drums up interest), but it also provides stability for organizations and investors alike, which in turn issues a sense of security for sponsorships — ultimately transforming esports into an attractive model that could yield long-term growth for its investors. 

The net effect of offering huge sums of money is that it captivates interest, which eventually snowballs into more money plowed into the esports model and so on… the expression “money talks” most definitely comes to mind.

Now that esports is more stable and profitable than ever, the amount of prize money offered by events is at an all-time high, with this calendar year set to surpass previous years by a considerable amount.

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