eSports is not just a game

eSports is not just a game

Kee Chuan “ChYuan” Ng, a Malaysian player from Team Aster. At 20 years old, he is one of the younger players in the scene.

Kee Chuan is relatively new to the Dota Scene, playing professionally for more than 2 years. Of course there are some challenges that he faced. 

When Kee Chuan was with a SEA Team, he said that he always can’t break through against stronger teams like TNC, Fnatic and Mineski. He always end up in fourth place and it’s really sad, and he couldn’t qualify for a Major until now. 

We wonder if he’s walking in the path of xNova, and he said that he can’t compare himself with him because xNova achieved second place at TI and he hasn’t even played in TI yet. He hope that he is on xNova path.

SumaiL was Kee Chuan Dota 2 player idol before he joined the scene. He said that he wish he could get good achievements like him, especially at such a young age. 

According to Kee Chuan, his family or friends had objection of him to pursue this path of being a Dota 2 pro-player. They told him that he should have done to work, but he told them “Give me some time, I will prove myself”.

And his family slowly and surely. learned that eSports is not just a game. It’s also a career. They read about esports in the news and started to support him. And he’s very glad of it. 

Kee Chuan advice to young players who want to play professionally. 
“Don’t give up. I believe that a chance for everyone will come one day”

ow Kee Chuan is playing overseas with Team Aster. Most of the Top Malaysian talent is recruited by Chinese teams because he can speak chinese. He thinks that this will helps the Malaysian scene, because there’s not much opportunity for them in Southeast Asia, who can’t really speak English either. So he thinks china provides a good opportunity for players like him.

There’s not too much difference playing for Chinese organisations, but Chinese teams have a tighter schedule. They will start training from 10am and end at 6pm daily. Compared to his experience, they only started playing around 12pm. 

Kee Chuan also left a message for his fans at home. 
“Thank you for supporting me. I will work harder in the upcoming tournaments. Thank you”.

We hope to see more success to Kee Chuan as he continues his Dota 2 journey in China. 

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