Esports: Finding the Best Bets in Dota

Esports: Finding the Best Bets in Dota

Here is how you maximize returns when betting in Dota.

Dota 2 is a game that is based around its complexity, in fact, its complexity is its brand. There are always fans comparing Dota to its contemporaries such as League of Legends and the argument is always that Dota is more layered.

How do you place winning bets in a game that is so layered and multi-leveled? What are the best teams to bet on and best trend to follow when the game constantly develops and each tournament has a different meta game?

Professional Dota

The best way to learn and understand Dota 2 is to watch professional games. Luckily, Dota has a dedicated pro circuit for that. As casters talk about certain plays and the mindset behind them, viewers can get a better understanding of how teams approach their matches.

There are many ways to watch Dota 2 esports games, including using the in-game client, official Twitch streams or even community broadcast re-streams.

Go for Live Betting

Dota 2 is a complex game. The in-game scoreboard might show one team holding a clear advantage but the reality could be very different. It all depends on a team’s approach to the game and the draft. Just because you look at the game score and see that one team is leading with 20 kills doesn’t necessarily mean that team is going to win the game.

This is why Dota is a game that requires more viewer knowledge of the game and requires intense studying. Sportsbetting can be a rewarding experience in this sense because it welcomes bettors engagement with the experience of the sports itself.

Underdogs or Reigning Champs?

It is common knowledge that underdogs pose more favorable odds than reigning champs. In the Esports scene, there is a larger variance of results between mismatched teams and it is in your best interest to wage carefully on the reigning teams.

LAN Tournaments vs Online Tournaments

The LAN vs Online argument is very valid in Dota 2 games. Some teams perform exceptionally well in online matches, while some of the more experienced players shine on LAN. Alliance topped the DPC Season 1 group stage but failed miserably at the ONE Esports Singapore Major. Similarly, PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming had underwhelming performances in the online phase, but had a dominant run from the Wild Cards to the playoffs at the Major.

Having an impartial view of the match is crucial to make profit in betting. Emotions can often lure you to place bets on your favorite team, even if the analysis does not favor them.

Dota 2’s complexity and the constant changes in meta make it one of the best games to make a profit with esports betting.

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