ESL announces GGFORALL – a new women’s CS:GO initiative

The new initiative will include new tournaments in multiple regional leagues.

ESL, one of the biggest event organizers for CS:GO, has unveiled their new #GGFORALL initiative. The new initiative was designed to provide support to the women’s CS:GO scene, with planned online regional leagues that will lead to an offline LAN final to be held in 2022. Along with the tournaments, a new women’s council and talent development program will also be developed alongside the leagues.

The core of the initiative is the 2022 CS:GO Women’s Circuit. The new circuit will offer a $500,000 prize pool, with regional leagues for European and North American teams. There will also be two Global League Finals at DreamHack Dallas and DreamHack Winter which are slated in early June and late November next year.

” We strive to achieve an environment where discrimination and toxicity are removed. We believe in a world where everyone has the right to enjoy the games they love, the right to play, to participate and to progress. From grassroots grinders, casual gamers and elite pro athletes. We believe all players deserve equal respect, support and opportunity. That’s why we’re launching a global coalition of leading brands and teams united beneath a new rallying cry within the esports community to address these issues. By providing an infrastructure equal to their male counterparts, we are thrilled to create more visibility and opportunities for women in the esports space, as well as to support them in their professional development and to help make their dreams come true.” – Roberta Hernandez, SVP People and Culture, ESL Gaming

For the women’s council, ESL will be establishing the council which will further define details around the CS:GO women’s circuit and give women a platform for more consolidated feedback towards ESL Gaming and other Tournament Organizers. One of the biggest discussion points will be the integration of the women’s circuit winners into the ESL Pro Tour.


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