Epic Games Challenges Apple and Google

Epic Games Challenges Apple and Google

The company behind Fortnite sent shockwaves through the gaming industry by challenging the giants

It all began when Apple kicked Fortnite off it’s app store platform for violating one of its guidelines. This was shortly after followed by Google taking the same action, thereby banishing Fornite from the Playstore as well.  The companies claimed Epic violated their guidelines by announcing a way for players to buy in-game currency outside their proprietary payment systems.

Epic Games very quickly retorted with a video statement drawing parallels to the dystopian world of ‘1984’. Framing Apple as the villain in the story, the reception that followed was a lot of speculation online. Some of these speculations includes that Epic Games have manufactured these chains of events.

Epic Games and Fortnite

Fortnite is Epic Game’s most successful venture, with an active player count of 350 million. After introducing an in-game currency outside of Apple and Google’s proprietary payment systems, Epic went further and gave discounts to people who paid for in-game purchases with their unique method.

If Epic wins, Apple and Google could be ordered to allow developers to sell in-app purchases without giving the tech giants a cut. The court could also rule that Apple and Google are prohibited from bundling payment services with their app stores, allowing developers to be paid directly. This could cause a monumental shift in the structure of the industry as a whole.

Alternatively, the involved companies may simply resolve this matter by adjusting the terms, potentially lowering the cut taken by Google and Apple.

If Epic loses, Bergmayer, the legal director for Public Knowledge, said “at least that highlights what the limits of antitrust law currently are, so people who want change can look to other avenues.”For instance, they could ask Congress to create new antitrust laws.

The case could take years according to numerous lawyers. Take the 1974 antitrust case against AT&T for example. A whole eight years was taken to litigate and it concluded with the company’s breakup into multiple businesses.


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