Review: Eeziepay – its a SECRET!

eeziepay payment gateway

Eeziepay provides a means for payment via our automated bank deposits to accept deposits and payments via all major banks – this is the claim that is found on the sparsely populated page. When you go through the site, there’s not much details to be found (just a lot of gibberish). Not a confidence booster for sure.

When we did a search of websites that support it, we found only a few in Malaysia and Vietnam (with more in the latter). You also couldn’t find a list of their customers, seems like they are keen to keep it a secret.


Not planning to give up, we tried to contact them. But guess what – the only way was via a contact form!


But we at Gamingsafe are FAIR, so if we do get an update we will update this review.


( – ) No Email support, you have to contact them through the website by fill in the form
( – ) No hotline number stated on the website

Short Facts

Company Name: Eeziepay
Transaction time: Unknown (at this moment)

Here are some of the companies using Eeziepay services:

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