E1 Championship: All You Need to Know About Sim Racing

E1 Racing Championship

The Grand Race of the Year, E1 Championship is inching closer to the end of its 8-week track

With Round Five out of the way, the E1 Sim Racing Championship League is approaching the final stretch. The competition is still tense, but the ones leading the charge might be pulling ahead.

2021 E1 Round 5 Standing
E1 Round 5 Standing

Taking the lead currently is Team Flash with members Muhammad Aleef & Jason Tay from Singapore with 312 points, the triumphant team that constantly sported high placing in each race they’ve participated in so far. Trailing behind them is Malaysia’s Team Stratos with members Naquib Azlan & Nabil Azlan with 247 points. More competition is trying their best to catch up to these point leaders!

The Round Six of the season will be played on a track in Zandvoort, Holland. E1 Championship is powered by Axle Sports and eGG Network, in partnership with ERacing GP and RaceRoom

Simulation Racing

Simulation racing, known better as ‘sim racing’ inside the community, is the concept of virtual races taking place on simulated software.

Slightly different from real-world racing such as the F1, sim racing focuses much more on the user understandings variables such as :

  • Tyre temperatures,
  • Suspension geometry
  • Car traction against tarmac

This factor of enhanced realism makes sim racing fall into a category of a unique nice. The fundamentals of the sport are so accurate that many real-world motorsport teams (such as Ferrari, Mercedes, etc.) will use simulators to train their drivers.

At this point, it is another category of esports, an industry that has developed infinitely over the last decade. Of all the competitive simulation games, sim racing is the most accessible for people since even if they are not familiar with the ruleset, who doesn’t like to see high-speed races across the flaming tarmac?

Furthermore, due to the past year of the pandemic, actual physical racing had to come to a halt, F1 only managed to return on 28th March 2021. Due to this odd window, sim racing had found opportunities to take the charge and see a tremendous rise in popularity. According to the analysis of streamhatchet, the total hours logged by viewership of the esport had doubled from 2.2 million in August 2020 to 4.4 million in January 2021.

E1 Hours Watched

Find out more about the premiere Sim Racing Championship League in Malaysia on the E1 official site today!

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