Dota Pro Circuit 2021 – 2022 Kickstarts With Winter Tour

The Dota Pro Circuit for 2021 – 2022 leading up to The International 11 has commenced with regional leagues

The Winter Tour is kicking off the first of three sections from Nov. 29 until Jan. 23, barring the Chinese regional league, which will have fluctuating dates. 

Because this is a direct continuation of the new regional league format that was adopted for the 2021 DPC, a majority of the teams in every region should be familiar to fans, despite the massive amount of roster shuffling that went on after Team Spirit lifted the Aegis of Champions at The International 10.

Image courtesy of Liquipeida

Just like with the 2021 DPC, each of the six regions is split into an upper and lower division. But the 2022 DPC has added a third section, meaning there will be three different Tours, each with its own regional league and Major—starting with the Winter Tour. At the end of each Tour, the top teams from each region’s upper division will qualify to compete in the corresponding Major. 

Here’s how those Major spots are being split up for the 2022 DPC, with each competition totaling 18 teams, similar to the previous season’s:

  • China: Four slots
  • Western Europe: Four slots
  • Eastern Europe: Three slots
  • Southeast Asia: Three slots
  • North America: Two slots
  • South America: Two slots

Ahead of the next Tour, the bottom two teams from each upper division will be sent down to the lower division, while the two top teams from the lower division will be promoted to the upper division. Likewise, the bottom two teams from the lower division will be relegated out of the regional league entirely, being replaced by two new teams from the region’s open qualifiers for that Tour. 

Dota currently features 122 heroes and the league will be played on the latest released patch, 7.30e which has been released after the commencement of The International 10 and has seen multiple balance minor patches since. With the continuous development of the tournament meta in separate regions, it will be interesting to see all the cream of the crop of all region conglomerating together to compete in an international landscape at the first major tournament of the season.

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