Dota Pro Circuit 2020 – 2021 Season Kicks Off

Set across 6 local regions, the long-awaited Dota Pro Circuit for the new year is finally here

Following previous Dota pro circuit region alignments, the pro circuit is separated into six regions: Europe, China, Southeast Asia, CIS (Russia), North America, and South America. Each region will have simultaneous ongoing regional leagues (Twelve if including both upper & lower division of respective leagues) as global LAN tournaments are understandably not possible due to the global pandemic.

According to the blogpost made by Valve to herald the new year, the regional qualifiers will be the gateway to the first Major of the season. The winner of each regional qualifier will gain 1150 pro circuit points, boosting their chances of earning a spot in the Major. Otherwise, teams will have to fight through open qualifiers to enter the Major. More information on the pro circuit.

RegionUpper Division TeamsLower Division Teams
EuropeLiquid, OG, Secret, Nigma,, Alliance, mudgolems, Chicken FightersHippomaniacs, Hellbear, Spider Pigz, Brame, Creepwave, burjui, No Bounty Hunter, Meta4pro
ChinaPSG.LGD, Ehome, Vici Gaming, Elephant, Aster, MagMa, LBZS, IGPhoenix Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, Dalanjiang, Sparking Arrow, CDEC, Dragon, Dynasty, Xtreme
Southeast AsiaTNC, Fnatic, T1, BOOM Esports, Neon Esports, 496 Gaming, Execration, Vice EsportsGalaxy Racer, Omega Esports, HOYO, Army Genius, Cignal Ultra, Yangon Galacticos, Lilgun, ZeroTwo
CIS (Russia), Natus Vincere, Team Spirit, Live to Win, Team Empire, No Techies, EXTREMUM, Team UniqueB8, Winstrike, HellRaisers, Gambit Esports, PuchChamp, Imperial Pro Gaming, VP.Prodigy, XactJlepbl
North AmericaQuincy Crew, Evil Geniuses, 4 Zoomers, Sadboys, Undying, Black N Yellow, A-Team, 5ManMidasTeam DogChamp, Felt, Electronic Boys, Byzantine Raiders, Arkosh Gaming, simply TOOBASED, Jiang Hu, The Cut
South AmericaSG e-sports, Thunder Predator, Infamous, beastcoast, NoPing e-sports, Team Unknown, EgoBoys, Latam DefendersIncubus Club, Infinity Esports, Hokori, Crewmates, 0-900, Gorillaz-Pride, Mad Kingz
Team distributions across league divisions

First Major of Dota Pro Circuit

According to the announcement made by Valve, the first Major will be set in March 25th – April 4th, 2021. Meanwhile, each regional league will run its course over the month from January 18th to February 28th. However, the league will extend longer for the China region due to the upcoming Chinese New Years, therefore it will be extended until March 14th.

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