DOTA: 2nd June’s WePlay AniMajor Participating Teams Confirmed

2nd June's WePlay AniMajor Participating Teams Confirmed

The second and final Major tournament of the 2020 – 2021 Dota Pro Circuit Season will span from 2nd June to 13th June, 2021

After the regional leagues that ran from month-long durations from mid-April to mid-May, the teams that will be participating in WePlay AniMajor have been confirmed!

The new Dota season introduces the new regional league format, partially to accommodate for the global virus which restricts teams’ ability to travel and play in LAN tournaments. The good news is that WePlay AniMajor will be played offline as teams gather together in Kiev for the showdown.

Now, the second season is all but wrapped up, with all 18 teams have locked in their spots at the WePlay Esports AniMajor earlier today. And not only have all the spots been filled, but there’s also massive turnover compared to the first Major of the year. 

International Tournaments Featuring Teams From All Regions

Six teams, each from their respective regions who have placed at the top of the rankings have directly advanced to the Major Playoffs.

Meanwhile, another six teams, also one from each region will directly advance to the group stages where a series of round-robin matches will be held. At the end of this four-day round-robin match, the top two will advance to the upper bracket of the Major Playoffs, the bottom two will be eliminated, and the ones in between will advance to the lower bracket of the Major Playoffs.

The Wild Card tournament is a new addition, and it is comprised of two teams from China and Western Europe, one from SEA and one from Eastern Europe (CIS). These teams will also play a round-robin from 2nd June to 3rd June and only two will qualify to the group stages.

All in all, these are your teams for the long-awaited WePlay AniMajor that will be played on Dota patch 7.29c:

Playoff SeedsGroup Stage SeedWild Card Seeds
AllianceTeam LiquidTeam Nigma
Team AsterPSG.LGDTeam Secret
T1TNC PredatorVici Gaming
Virtus.ProTeam SpiritInvictus Gaming
Quincy CrewEvil GeniusExecration
NoPing e-sportsbeastcoastAS Monaco Gambit

This will be the final tournament before the lead-up to this year’s The International 10, which has been delayed due to the pandemic last year. This means it is the final chance for qualifying teams to the major to earn the required points to earn themselves a lock-in spot to The International.

Only a total of 12 teams will gain a direct spot to The International, and it is based on their performance and accumulated points throughout the season. The required point to clinch a spot if 961 points and currently, Evil Genius,, Invictus Gaming, and Team Secret have locked themselves in. More of the ranking can be found on liquipedia.

WePlay AniMajor Playoffs
Image courtesy of Liquipedia

If you are on the lookout for more esports tournaments, also check out E1’s latest scheduled calendar for this year CS:GO tournaments!

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