Demystifying Online Casino Software: Everything You Need to Know

Demystifying Online Casino Software - Everything You Need to Know

Online casino games have been gaining popularity and the important component that is driving it is the advancement of casino technology and software. Today’s online casino software is capable of providing high-quality animation, sound effects, and multiple-player configurations to render a top-notch gaming experience. It is so sophisticated that many gaming options available in live casinos are now available in online casinos in Malaysia.  

1. Is online casino software rigged?

A common misunderstanding about casino software is that it is “rigged” in the casino’s favour.  The truth is, any online casino in Malaysia generates a profit through its house edge, hence there is no need to use additional means to make illegal money from players.  Malaysia online casinos operate with software that is based on RNGs or Random Number Generators to ensure fair results across all online games on their platform. The software constantly churns out random numbers to produce outcomes such as which card is dealt next or what symbols should follow a player’s action on a slot machine.

 2. What are the different types of online casino software available? 

There are three main types of casino software in casino online games in Malaysia. They are broadly classified as downloadable software, instant play software, and mobile applications.  Primarily, downloadable software works with Microsoft Windows operating system in personal computers. When the software is downloaded, players can gain access to a variety of online casino games and start playing without connecting with any other sites. When it comes to instant play software, it does not require any downloads. Instant play is a lot more common with Malaysia online casinos because players can play games directly from their browser even without downloading any interface. Lastly, there are mobile applications that enable players to play online casino games with their mobile devices. Players will have to download the mobile apps that are loaded with a variety of games that are adapted to mobile format. 

3. Do online casinos develop their own softwares? 

In the past, casino operators used proprietary software that was developed in-house. But in recent years, online casino sites, especially Malaysia online casinos, have adopted software from third-party developers like Microgaming, Net Entertainment, and EveryMatrix.  Such developers are highly skilled in digital entertainment and have advanced technology to create high-quality and customisable games that maximise user experience.  By working with these developers, casinos will stay more current with the competition with high-quality games, have more current mobile solutions, and enable more secured transactions. The result? Improved gaming environment and increased customer retention. 

4. What are the things to look out for when choosing casino software as a player? 

For players who are serious about improving their gaming experience, always look out for licensed and regulated software with eCOGRA approval and high-quality interfaces that improve the overall gaming experience with minimum interruptions. Because playing casino online games in Malaysia can sometimes last for hours, having good visual and audio quality is more likely to sustain players’ performance. As such, always seek a gaming software that comes with premium graphics and sound specifications for a premium gaming experience. Importantly, with the world quickly adopting the mobile-first approach, the software must also easily adapt to mobile devices so that players can continue to enjoy gaming even when they are on the go. Finally, make sure the software comes with 24/7 Customer support. Any online casino must be able to operate around the clock and this means the software support must function the same way to ensure business continuity and tackle problems whenever they crop up. 

5. Which are the major online casino software providers? 

Microgaming and Net Entertainment are two of the best-known casino software providers with sizable installed bases around the world. Microgaming is a pioneer in the field and also an award-winning online casino software provider that started an online casino as early as 1994.  Net Entertainment, on the other hand, was established in 1996 with its key business anchored in providing software for slot games. The company is well-known for developing innovative gaming features and rich graphics that made their slots stand out from amongst software developers. 

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