CS:GO Shuffle: FaZe Clan brings on Ropz

The big-name team hopes the new signing will bring new hope to their 2022 run while G2 and MOUZ bring younger players into the mainline team.

2022 begins and teams are now announcing new signings that were under negotiation since the end of last year. Transfers between teams and promotions are part of the new roster announcements. This includes promoting younger players alongside the shift between experienced players and established teams.

 FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan has announced that they will be roping in the Estonian rifler Robin “Ropz” Koolinto their lineup for the 2022 season. The announcement was done on their official Twitter channel.

Ropz has famously played with MOUZ for over 5 years and has been crowned as one of HLTV’s top 10 players, as well as one of the best lurkers in the game.

MOUZ has decided to change their roster drastically for the 2022 season, with their parting with Ropz. FaZe Clan is hoping that with his joining, their luck for 2022 will change as their run in 2021 was not the best they had in the past few years.

Ropz joining also spells the end of Olofmeister’s return as he will be benched as the team’s rifler.

MOUZ has confirmed their new 2022 roster – the team has promoted Adam “torzsi” Torzsás from the academy team to the main team. He will be playing as the team’s AWP.

As one of the standout players from MOUZ NXT in 2021, he has achieved impressive numbers as an academy player. He saw a 1.24 rating as well as a 1.42 K/D ratio. He also led the academy team at the WePlay Academy League Seasons 1 & 2, netting the team $45,000 in the process.


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