Crown Resorts has been granted to open Sydney Casino

Crown Resorts has been granted to open Sydney Casino

Crown Resorts has been granted conditional approval by the NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) to launch its casino operations at Crown Sydney.

The conditional license would give the regulator time to monitor the final phase of its restricted gaming license suitability assessment after Crown was found unsuitable to hold an NSW license following the Bergin Inquiry in 2021.

ILGA Chairperson Philip Crawford said under the Authority’s supervision, Crown Resort has rebuilt its gaming model from the ground up. And after more than one year’s work with Crown, the Authority is pleased to have reached a stage where Crown can open its casino operations on a conditional basis.

With Crown’s efforts to return to suitability, Philip Crawford said that Crown has been required to implement a raft of stringent controls to prevent Money laundering and crime in their business model. And what has happened in the past should not be repeated.

And with a complete clean-out of the board and senior executives, Crown has made significant progress and has agreed to ongoing work to regain its casino license.


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