Christian Ronaldo the first man to score in 5 World Cup

Christian Ronaldo the first man to score in 5 World Cup

Despite drama swirling around Cristiano Ronaldo off the pitch, he made history on it on Thursday’s match with Ghana.

The Portugal striker scored on a penalty kick in a win over Ghana. When the ball hit the back of the net, he became the first man to score a goal in five separate World Cups

The goal broke a scoreless tie in the 64th minute and proved to be the difference in the 3-2 win.

The goal also added to Ronaldo’s record tally that now stands 118 goals in international play.

After the game, Ronaldo said that was a beautiful moment. The world record, the only player to score in five World cups, makes him very proud.

Ronaldo started World Cup play in 2006 in Germany and scored his first World Cup goal that year against Iran. He’s played and scored in every World Cup since in South Africa, Brazil and now Qatar.

With Thursday’s win, Portugal took control of the Group H standings with three points. It’s ahead of South Korea and Uruguay, which each earned one point with a tie. Portugal next plays Uruguay on Monday.

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