China Gaming Mogul Captured in Thailand After Decade

China Gaming Mogul Captured in Thailand After Decade

She Zhijiang (also known as She Kailun) is the alleged mastermind of a large gambling enterprise that led to China requesting an Interpol red notice last year.

Thanks to Thailand authorities who have arrested the man that china wanted for the past 10 years.

She allegedly launched an intricate online gambling business years ago, according to local media. That’s in addition to businesses and gaming operations in the Philippines and other countries across the Asia Pacific region. When authorities began closing in on him in 2012, he escaped.

Since then, he has managed to avoid capture. However, possibly out of frustration and desperation, China requested the help of Interpol last year. With a wider net in place, it was only a matter of time before She was caught.

Authorities in Bangkok, Thailand arrested She on Saturday. He is allegedly behind illegal activity in the Shwe Kokko special economic zone in Myanmar.

More than just another small-time criminal, She allegedly ran a sophisticated operation that crossed the borders of several countries.

He also organized a group of individuals responsible for creating a network of fake companies that led the illegal gambling operations and developed new platforms.

Thailand will now begin the extradition process to deliver She to Chinese authorities. He holds a Cambodian passport. However, he was born in China. It’s likely She will be in China’s custody before the end of October.


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