Cambodia to crack down on illegal gambling

Cambodia to crack down on illegal gambling

Cambodia’s Prime Minister has promised to remove any officials who fail to act after ordering a strict crackdown on all forms of illegal gambling over the weekend.

Senior High-ranking Cambodian officials have been involved in the illegal gambling business. One of them is a close aide to Hun Sen.

The order was delivered on last Saturday comes amid a dramatic rise in reported cases of human trafficking and kidnappings linked to the rampant casino industry in the Southeast Asian country, with 56 Vietnamese workers fleeing a casino in Bavet on Saturday.

Prime Minister issued an order on Saturday in which he promised consequences for any officials who did not take action against “anarchic” illegal gambling nationwide.

He also ordered the closure of any small businesses, such as cafes and restaurants, that allow gambling on their premises.

However, Cambodia has stopped issuing online gaming licenses in August 2019 and refused to renew existing licenses when they expired on 1 January 2020 following a directive from Prime Minister Hun Sen to put an end to the industry.


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