Best Online Casino Malaysia for FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022 will start in 13 days, and everyone is looking for the best online casino Malaysia to place a bet on their favorite team.

We promised that we will be focusing on the FIFA World Cup that will be held in Qatar, and we believe we owe you the courtesy of sharing how to get started.

Best Online Casino Malaysia for FIFA World Cup


It doesn’t get any better than LALA88 when it comes to the best online casino Malaysia for FIFA World Cup 2022. The promotion of early bets and sportsbook betting platform selection from BTi and IBCBET. Hurry up sign up with them right now and place your early bet before the match begin.


If you’re not new to online casinos, you’ve most probably heard of W88. Established in 2013, they have been a leading online gaming site in Asia for quite a while now. During this time, the operator has earned a great reputation among players thanks to its wide range of activities, which include casino games, sports betting, lottery, live casino games, and poker.


On the ON88, you’ll find NOVA88, SBOBET, and WBET Sports as betting platforms. All 3 of these are extremely popular on a local level and all of them will include a FIFA world cup betting section.


BK8 has been around since 2015 and it quickly established itself as one of the most popular Online Casinos in Malaysia. They have even done several high-profile partnerships with two of the biggest names in football – showing how serious they are in the business.

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Malaysia

FIFA World Cup this year will be held in Qatar, and there are a lot of ways to watch the tournament online. And if you are based in Malaysia and wondering how you can watch the world cup from Malaysia, we are here to help you. You can watch the FIFA World Cup in Malaysia via ASTRO network since they hold the official rights to broadcast all 64 matches of FIFA Live.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Schedule Malaysia Time

As the FIFA World Cup 2022 is coming closer, the level of excitement is getting real too. The official fixture of the matches has been announced. This is the 22nd edition of the tournament and will host 32 teams. Find out the match schedule in malaysia time here.

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