QTech – Arcane Elements Slots Game Review

Arcane Elements Slots

Earth. Fire. Wind. Air. These are the four basic elements that hold our universe together. But everything changed when the fire element attacked. Now the great warriors of the elements are free to roam the universe and do battle in this thrilling fantasy slots game by Qtech. Without further ado, let’s check our Arcane Elements Slot Game Review.

Arcane Elements Gameplay

Enter the domain of the arcane elements – where four brothers are in constant strife. Upon entering this slots game, you are given a few choices before you start your very first spin. You will have to set the value per coin and also the bet level of the slots game. The value per coin decides the amount in MYR each coin in this slots game represents. The bet level is the amount of coins you wish to wager on for each line in this slots game. The total bet amount is automatically calculated for you and deducted from your gaming site wallet whenever you spin! The more you bet, the bigger your prize whenever you win a spin!

Arcane Elements Slots Reel

Online Slots Bonus Feature

The “Wild” system is a very unique feature in the Arcane Elements slots game. While other games usually only have one symbol that is used. In this game, each of the four elemental brothers can be used as a “Wild” symbol, depending on the circumstances! It all depends on the element symbols that appear on the top of the screen each round. If the elemental’s element matches the element that is shown on top of the screen, their symbol is immediately transformed into a “Wild” symbol, helping you make even more matches and increasing your chances of winning!

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